Vosburg Hollow Nature Trail Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Saturday, October 15, 2001

Sue Klassen, Friends of Webster Trails President, gave the opening remarks, acknowledging all the people that contributed their time and hard work to help build the trail.
Cathryn Thomas, the Webster Town Supervisor, talked about the value of having this trail in the Town of Webster and praised the volunteerism throughout the town that makes so many things like this possible.
Sue Klassen presented Peter Catlin with the book Take a Hike! Family Walks in the Rochester Area, by Rich and Sue Freeman, on behalf of the Friends of Webster Trails.
Peter Catlin cutting the ribbon. Peter coordinated the construction of the Vosburg Hollow Nature Trail for his Eagle Scout Project. This included coordinating the planning and the work of members of his scout troop, FWT volunteers, family, and friends. He also secured the materials and supervised the construction of a thirty-foot boardwalk over a marshy area near Shipbuilder's Creek and two benches for enjoying the glade.
Peter Catlin being interviewed by Webster Post reporter Karen Siegelman and Sue Klassen being interviewed by Webster Herald reporter Mike Sorenson.
Peter Catlin and Cathryn Thomas
"A trail runs through it." This is the red pine woods with the trail running through it.
After the ceremony, most of the people in attendance took a walk on the trail and spent considerable time in the glade visiting and talking about the beautiful scenery and the trail that now provides access to it. Here several people are crossing the boardwalk.
Cathryn Thomas examines one of the benches in the glade.
These are the people that were instrumental in making the trail possible. Bob and Betty Wahl (Bob standing on the left and Betty sitting on the left) own the land from Vosburg Road to the Nature Trail and the pine woods at the first of the trail. They have been very generous supporters of the Friends of Webster Trails and the Hojack Trail. Next to Betty Wahl is the FWT President, Sue Klassen. Next to Sue is Jack Kerson and next to Bob Wahl is Rich Morrill. These two men were the primary FWT leaders for the Nature Trail and provided considerable time and effort in constructing the trail. Next to Rich is Peter Catlin's Father, Mark Catlin. Mark Catlin in the Scoutmaster of Peter's Scout Troup. Peter Catlin is standing on the far right.

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